London Home Investments provides project management services and peace of mind to private investors in London’s residential property market.

As a European centre of growing importance, London offers exciting investment opportunities in residential property. The demand is continuous and exceeds the supply. The market is diverse and changing – prices, finance options, risks and returns vary considerably. Locations with potential can fast become desirable and show spectacular gains. Good properties retain their value and profitability even when the markets are down. Successful investing in London’s residential property market can best be achieved with expert advice.

“In search of a secure future and a safe haven for my hard earned capital, I first started investing in London property as an expatriate in the Far East. By applying strategic business and civil engineering skills to the property market, I built up a portfolio of assets and exceeded my investment objectives within fifteen years. In the process, I gained invaluable experience in the acquisition, financing, refurbishment and management of residential properties; and established London Home Investments to offer these services to private investors who share the same vision.”

Tim Dogruyol MBA MSc BSc
Managing Director

At London Home Investments, we make investing simple for our clients by relieving them of the hard work, leaving them free to take the strategic decisions.

We maximise return on equity whilst mitigating risks. By targeting specific properties in strategic locations, we secure regular income as well as the potential for capital gain. Flats and houses needing refurbishment where immediate value can be added are of particular interest to us.

“The right property in the right place, at the right time and price is rarely found by chance – it is the result of a well planned strategy.”

Tim Dogruyol MBA MSc BSc
Managing Director

With our experience and established relationships in property and finance, we secure the best deals ahead of competition and achieve the goals on time and within budget.

Our clients are existing landlords or new buyers committed to investing in London. They include remote investors with limited time who need dedicated services and independent advice without conflicts of interest.


London Home Investments
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